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An assessment of msolnet.com

We, at gcm.giccl.edu.pk, have chosen 'msolnet.com' to be our current domain and web hosting supplier. Therefore we expect that this concise assessment of 'msolnet.com' is probably going to be very helpful for other individuals from all around the World in search for domain name and web hosting solutions. We say people from all around the Globe, because the mere truth is that 'msolnet.com' presently provides domain and hosting services in multiple datacenter sites: in the US (Chicago, IL), in Britain (Maidenhead, 20 miles outside London), in Scandinavia (Stockholm) and in Australia (Sydney). That way, encompassing virtually the entire Globe. At least from the point of view of the Internet. So, here is what you could anticipate from 'msolnet.com' in a few words:

Shared Website Hosting Services

The first detail we, at gcm.giccl.edu.pk, have noted is the low prices of the shared webspace hosting accounts delivered by 'msolnet.com'. Shared doesn't sound very well, does it? Well, that's what it is referred to as: shared hosting. The good thing here is that the web page hosting packages supplied by 'msolnet.com' are driven by a custom created, futuristic cloud web hosting solution (each web hosting service, like email, databases, Control Panel, storage space, DNS, statistics, and so on, is being dealt with by an autonomous bunch of hosting servers in a cluster). This is something EVERY cPanel web hosting firm in the World will have mammoth difficulties with, because cPanel is a one-server based hosting environment (each hosting service, such as mail, databases, web hosting CP, web space, DNS, statistics, etc., is being tackled by a single server), cPanel is not open source (hence the cPanel web site hosting providers are not able to add additional functionality and manipulate it the way they need it) and there is no open source file platform (they have to make their own file system), which is the precondition of any cloud web hosting service. Let's return to the shared site hosting accounts, which are driven by a real cloud website hosting system. With a shared plan, each client pays solely for his/her plan, thus retaining the web site hosting price very low (because a lot of customers utilize the same web server). In a nutshell, a shared hosting package, which is hosted on a clustered webspace hosting solution, allows you to pay only for the reserves that you really demand, refraining from a situation where you pay for an advanced web hosting account that you cannot truly use, or for a low-end web site hosting package that cannot handle your web page. The option to upgrade your account from one package to another with just 2 clicks grants you the flexibility to begin with a small package and upgrade as your website expands. Thus, you spare money that you can spend on publicizing the web site while it is still novel. Each web site hosting plan offered by 'msolnet.com' comes with an online web site building tool and over 40 popular script software applications like WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart and Moodle that will save you hundreds of dollars for web site design services. 'msolnet.com' furnishes shared website hosting packages in a number of different geographical regions across the World. There is one server farm facility in Chicago encompassing the USA and Canada; 2 European server farms - in the United Kingdom and in Sweden; and another one in Australia, which encompasses the Asia-Pacific. In this way, practically the entire planet is encompassed to present you and your web site's visitors with a steady and dependable hosting solution at a preferred place. Altogether, the shared hosting services supplied 'msolnet.com' are really well stocked and come at a good price (starting from $6.25 for the Starter package).

Dedicated Hosting Servers

In gcm.giccl.edu.pk's opinion, huge websites such as social networks, community and business web portals or popular online shops with thousands of clients request a much more powerful web hosting platform. It appears that the guys from 'msolnet.com' have come to the same conclusion too. To live up to its users' needs, 'msolnet.com' supplies a selection of dedicated web servers that can handle millions of daily visits. That evaluation is based on the hardware specifications the dedicated servers ship with: Dual and Quad-core processors, up to four gigabytes of RAM, 2000 GB of disk space and Gigabit network cards will no doubt ensure the fast and stable work of any kind of website. According to 'msolnet.com', the primary hardware specs can be upgraded for more resource-demanding web sites. We, from gcm.giccl.edu.pk, deem that all dedicated server solutions offered by 'msolnet.com' are also suitable for beginning a hosting reseller business as each and every dedicated web hosting server arrives with free-of-charge invoice transaction software platform and a complimentary domain reseller account. Sadly, the dedicated web hosting servers offered by 'msolnet.com' are all unmanaged. We, at gcm.giccl.edu.pk, count this as a small minus, which can be corrected by paying a monthly fee which amounts to $32.00 USD. So, if you need help, the Managed Services upgrade includes several supplementary services such as a regular backup, software installation, dedicated hosting server monitoring and troubleshooting operations. An array of hosting Control Panel (CP) user interfaces are offered with each of the web servers - Hepsia, cPanel and DirectAdmin. Our (gcm.giccl.edu.pk's) prediction is that the exceptional drag-and-drop File Manager included in the Hepsia web site hosting Control Panel will probably make the recourse to any File Transfer Protocol software futile. Our (gcm.giccl.edu.pk's) inference is that the dedicated servers furnished by 'msolnet.com' don't appear to be very low priced (still the Hepsia web site hosting CP and the unlimited hosted domain quotas will definitely make you smile), starting from $80.00 for the Xeon E3 v5 package.